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Ad of the Week: Taco Bell Goes for McDonald’s Breakfast Jugular

In the cutthroat business that is fast food, a company must position itself as the better option – or blatantly smear the other’s name from here to Mexico. McDonald’s seems to have been the go-to breakfast place for many moons, beating out other breakfast wannabes such as Burger King or Carl’s Jr. But there is a new player in town and it hasn’t been shy by any stretch of the imagination. Taco Bell comes in swinging with it’s new breakfast menu marketing. First it was the Ronald McDonald ads about how these “Ronald McDonalds” loved the new breakfast menu at Taco Bell. The commercial, showing all the supposed Ronald McDonalds across the country, showcases all the new breakfast items Taco Bell has to offer and the breakfast items each Ronald McDonald covetes the most. The latest commercial is all about letting you know you might be living in the 80s if you still eat McDonald’s Egg McMuffins. Oh and to throw a little salt in the wound, Taco Bell put it to the tone of old McDonald had a farm. A guy dressed like Adam Sandler from “The Wedding Singer” shows you how he got out of the deep depths of hell, known as the 80s, and became cool, mostly by eating Taco Bell’s new breakfast items. This kind of mud slinging is not unheard of, especially among big named brands. Coke vs. Pepsi, Dominos vs. Pizza Hut, and some of the most recent iPad vs. any other tablet out there commercials. These are big players and when one starts trying to take some of the others market share, things can get ugly. Whether you like or dislike this strategic marketing, you have to admit, it’s doing what it was designed to do – get the consumers attention. The long awaited release had consumers celebrating the unofficial holiday of the launch of Taco Bell breakfast menu. It knew they had some pretty hefty, historically loved competition to go up against. As for HenkinSchultz’s vote: we love us some Taco Bell breakfast. Does that mean wait for it – we are the next generation of cool? We’ll let you be the judge. Now go out and try that delicious breakfast crunch wrap and see for yourself, even if your name isn’t Ronald McDonald.