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Why Brand Perception Is Important

By March 4, 2014October 25th, 2017In Other News
Everyone has a rep to protect. It can be the only thing making you money or not making you money. A brand is like a person. You make assumptions about it based on your perception and its reputation. These are the most powerful ways people are influenced when choosing any product or service. Take Southwest Airlines for instance. They positioned themselves as the friendly, easy going, no-fee airline in the United States. Their primary audience is the guy that drives the Honda or Toyota, not behind the wheel of the BMW or the Benz. He wants to save a couple bucks, enjoy a casual trip and not have to pay for peanuts or drinks. Going up against industry giants required that Southwest branded itself as different from the competition. And its reputation preceded it. This strategy has carried, if not thrust it through the collapse of the economy in 2008. Southwest appealed to that guy who maybe didn’t have his Benz anymore. The world has changed in the last several years and marketing has changed, too. You have to have a good brand to get you through the smooth air and the turbulence. So how does one know if their brand perception is good or bad? Here are some tips that you can use to get insight into your brand perception.
  • Look into online forums for business reviews
  • Create a focus group of your audience
  • Review current marketing items
  • Make sure your message, feel and look are consistent
  • Have a two-way conversation with your audience
In the same way that Southwest capitalized on its competitive advantages, we helped Forward Sioux Falls and Southeast Tech do the same, positioning technical education as a cost-effective, time-effective and smart educational solution for today’s career-focused students. Before you let any new branding take flight, get really clear on who you are, how people see you and who you want to be. Then be sure your marketing message is clearly aligned with that message. Not sure how to begin, call us. We’ll give you an honest assessment and some great creative that will get you off the ground.