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Ad of the Week: Old Navy Fancy Jeans

Old Navy always knows how to grab the consumer’s eye. Notorious for celebrity guest appearances, their new pants/ jeans campaign does not disappoint with Debra Wilson and Amy Poehler showing their comedic talents in the name of fancy jeans. In order to make the topic of jeans fun and interesting one must think, “How will I make pants a memorable topic and/or remember to buy jeans at my store?” Boy George I’ve got it! Make the advertising memorable by: a) Having memorable celebrities b) Create a campaign so ridiculous that it’s funny Let’s talk Amy Poehler, the infamous Hilary Clinton impersonator and cool mom on “Mean Girls” (top five favorite movies of all time by the way). Old Navy strategically makes her a lawyer interviewing a girl in some fabulous blue pants. This is a law firm so yes, all of these questions will obviously be about your pants you bought for $25.00 and a free shirt. With that great of a deal, Amy tells the girl she’s got the job and books it to Old Navy to get in on it, not without pushing a few people and causing a ruckus of course. The second commercial could potentially be considered a tad: creepy? This advertisement is more along the comedic line than the strategic thought process. Basically Old Navy is poking fun at TSA. What better way to do that than to have MadTV’s Debra Wilson at the forefront of the spot? She has to check out the fancy jeans with her faux metal detector and come to the conclusion to head to Old Navy to get some of those fancy pants. Overall, they got their message out there and threw in some hilarious moments as well. If those commercials don’t make you want to go get some fancy pants, I don’t know what will.