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Ad of the Week: No Driving High

Marijuana has been legal for recreational use in Colorado for a couple of months now and the state’s Department of Transportation has launched a new ad campaign to discourage residents from smoking and driving high. CDOT’s (Colorado Department of Transportation) new “Drive High, Get a DUI” campaign, which features commercials aimed at men aged 21 to 34 – the demographic with the highest number of DUIs, started earlier this month. From 2006 through 2012, about half of drivers involved in a fatal car crashes were tested for drugs. About 11 percent of those drivers tested positive for marijuana, according to CDOT data. [via] The advertisements themselves do a great job of using examples out of every day situations. One ad shows a guy playing pick-up basketball with some people and while at the free throw line and well… He’s high. He just keeps dribbling, disrupting the flow of the game – though no one can disrupt the flow of his locks. The ad goes on to show some text that says while it’s okay to play basketball high (even though this man clearly looks like an idiot), you cannot drive high. The result is effective and while shedding a bit of light humor on the situation, it still makes a point to be taken seriously.