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5 Steps to an Awesome Client Event

By March 18, 2014June 6th, 2016In Other News
Planning an event can be daunting, especially a client event. The most important questions you need to ask yourself are how, what, why, where and who. If you can answer these five questions you are off to a good start. Over the years, HenkinSchultz has planned a few events so we want to share some of our go-to event planning advice.
  1. Get organized: First things first. Figure out all the moving parts and how they are going to work together. What is the concept? What are your goals? Where are you going to have it? Will there be food involved? Will there be a giveaway? How will you promote it?
  2. Get the word out: In order for people to know about your event, you have to tell them about it. A mix of both traditional and non-traditional forms of advertising work best, but depending on your business and target, one might work better than another. Social media is a great free and fun way to pump up the event. Utilize social media to not only get the word out but to get more likes and recognition for your page. Asking your followers can go a long way.
  3. Get buy-in:Why are people going to go to your event? Most people want to feel like they will be getting something out of taking time out of their lives to be with you. Whether that means educating them on a product that will make their lives easier or giving away a t-shirt, you need to be clear in what you are offering them. There is a price for everything, but the currency can be whatever fits your business.
  4. Execute:It’s game time. Let-er rip. Based on your efforts you should be set to go for a great event. As people come, make sure they feel welcome and comfortable. Leave a good impression. The great thing about an event is you can assume that most people already have an interest in your product or service. Now is your chance to make an impression and let them know why you are the best at what you do.
  5. Document your success:Sharing is caring. Sometimes people don’t want to hear others boasting about their success, but not in this case. If anything, speaking of your success adds credibility and trust. Of course, not in “we-are-so-much-better-than-everyone” kind of way, but rather a “this-was-pretty-cool-and-we-can-help/offer/make-your-life-easier-too” kind of way. People are genuinely interested in other people and what they are doing.
Faini Designs Jewelry Studio did all of the above when it came to their new “Just Looking Saturdays” event. Taking the high pressure off of buying jewelry encouraged many people to come in and just look. They offered beer or wine and live music to boot and used social media and traditional media to get the word out and showcase their success. Sometimes it’s nice to have a helping hand and at HenkinSchultz, we have a whole team of hands to guide you through your next event. Even if it’s just a brainstorming meeting to figure out a concept or idea, we’ve got you covered.