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Playlist of the Week: Spring (?) Music

Things were a bit hectic around the HenkinSchultz office this week, so we will unfortunately not have our Ad of the Week commentary that has become a staple of your everyday life. In lieu of this egregiously neglectful decision, we have thrown together a playlist of saucy jams to hold you over until we return with our regularly scheduled programming next week. **by listening to this playlist, you are signing a binding contract to dance like no one is watching for the entirety of its duration. Stay limber, my friends.
March 28, 2014
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Ad of the Week: No Driving High

Marijuana has been legal for recreational use in Colorado for a couple of months now and the state's Department of Transportation has launched a new ad campaign to discourage residents from smoking and driving high. CDOT's (Colorado Department of Transportation) new "Drive High, Get a DUI" campaign, which features commercials aimed at men aged 21 to 34 - the demographic with the highest number of DUIs, started earlier this month. From 2006 through 2012, about half of drivers involved in a fatal car crashes were tested for drugs. About 11 percent of those drivers tested positive for marijuana, according to…
March 20, 2014
In Other News

5 Steps to an Awesome Client Event

Planning an event can be daunting, especially a client event. The most important questions you need to ask yourself are how, what, why, where and who. If you can answer these five questions you are off to a good start. Over the years, HenkinSchultz has planned a few events so we want to share some of our go-to event planning advice. Get organized: First things first. Figure out all the moving parts and how they are going to work together. What is the concept? What are your goals? Where are you going to have it? Will there be food involved?…
March 18, 2014

Ad of the Week: Old Navy Fancy Jeans

Old Navy always knows how to grab the consumer's eye. Notorious for celebrity guest appearances, their new pants/ jeans campaign does not disappoint with Debra Wilson and Amy Poehler showing their comedic talents in the name of fancy jeans. In order to make the topic of jeans fun and interesting one must think, "How will I make pants a memorable topic and/or remember to buy jeans at my store?" Boy George I've got it! Make the advertising memorable by: a) Having memorable celebrities b) Create a campaign so ridiculous that it's funny Let's talk Amy Poehler, the infamous Hilary Clinton…
March 14, 2014

We’re Hiring a Web Designer/Developer!

Web Designer/Developer Position HenkinSchultz is seeking a full-time Web Designer/Developer to direct the delivery of innovative and effective Web marketing solutions to clients. Responsibilities include: Designing, developing and implementing new websites and landing pages Accountability for systems design and development of websites (primarily Wordpress) Manage the support of existing client websites (including new feature architecture and implementation, plus performing updates to Wordpress code base) Creating intuitive interfaces and interaction layers using best practices, the latest Web trends and all available tools to augment the user experience Collaborate with designers, producers and other team members' as well as with clients'” to produce…
March 6, 2014
In Other News

Why Brand Perception Is Important

Everyone has a rep to protect. It can be the only thing making you money or not making you money. A brand is like a person. You make assumptions about it based on your perception and its reputation. These are the most powerful ways people are influenced when choosing any product or service. Take Southwest Airlines for instance. They positioned themselves as the friendly, easy going, no-fee airline in the United States. Their primary audience is the guy that drives the Honda or Toyota, not behind the wheel of the BMW or the Benz. He wants to save a couple…
March 4, 2014