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Ad of the week: V Day 2014, with extra cheese please

Valentine’s Day is one of the most notorious yearly “you better remember to get me something or else (insert consequence here)” holiday. I must admit, it is not my favorite. If the words “barf” or “you’ve got to be kidding me” come out of my mouth, it’s a deal breaker for me. For that reason alone, I chose to feature this Valentines Day ad – fresh off the grill with extra cheese. This commercial personifies every girl’s fantasy of the perfect guy. Great looks, hot bod, mature, romantic, observant, plants you a flower garden to ask you marry him – I mean, who wouldn’t want this guy or whatever he is selling. So what exactly is he selling? Not diamonds. Not chocolates. Not even cat stuffed animals that says “we’re purrrfect.” This commercial is, surprise, selling hair dye! The ad is simply telling us to celebrate love all year, not just on Valentines Day. Which is extremely profound considering many people only get gifts/cards/feel special on this day. It’s about loving each other every day. The inner cheese lover in me adored him pointing out everything he loved about her, the good and the bad, yet he still loves her ever day. Swoon. Now sit down with your cat stuffed animal, roses and chocolates and enjoy this swoon worthy commercial. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. (You’re welcome)