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Which Social Media Network Wins the Gold?

By February 19, 2014June 1st, 2022In Other News
With the Olympics on numerous television stations and all over Facebook and Twitter, we couldn’t help but wonder,”If there was an Olympic medal for social media, which network would stand at the top of the podium and take home the gold?” If it were all about the numbers, chances are good that Facebook would be a clear winner. Facebook is still dominant with 71% of online adults now using this social media platform, according to the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project Tracking Survey. The following are the results of their study: Social Media Use Among Online Adults in 2013: Facebook:  71% LinkedIn:  22% Pinterest:  21% Twitter:  18% Instagram:  17% But it isn’t always about the numbers. As the figure skaters and snow boarders know, there is something to be said for grace, style and performance. Snowboarders who want to freeze a moment of their Slopestyle run in time may share it with fans on Instagram. Figure skaters might pick Twitter to let their followers know they landed the triple toe loop or Salchow. Aside from the social media giants, there may be a niche network that better suits your business, for example:
  • Wiser.org is the place for the environmentally conscious. Get some leverage here if your products or services align to its mission.
  • For a company that caters to the fashionista, kaboodle.com is a good choice.
  • If what you do is very visual and active, consider a YouTube channel.
Choose from networks like Quora, Wikis, Pinterest and Reddit or find industry-specific platforms or groups through your LinkedIn account. Like Olympic athletes, to medal in social media you have to choose the best media for your business, put together a strategy, master the tricks and deliver a quality performance. At HenkinSchultz, we can help coach you on choosing a relevant network that will deliver user interaction and get you noticed. Are you ready to go for the gold?