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Ad of the Week: The year of YOU

This commercial is by far the front-runner of the year for me (granted Super Bowl is two weeks away, but that’s here nor there). As marketing continues to evolve, TurboTax kills it by applying an emotional/personal message to this campaign directly targeted at the young demographic. (We kind of dig that stuff.) We are the people that maybe aren’t sure how to handle all the new items added to our lives since we left college and the parent’s nest. TurboTax does a great job of addressing all the little (or big) things that you should account for on your taxes. From switching jobs to having a baby – they send the message, “look at all you’ve done in this year,” making people feel accomplished and empowered, portraying this scary thing called taxes as easy and saying “Look at all you’ve done, YOU can handle doing your taxes.” In our marketing wish list blog post, I talked about how I wanted to see more non-traditional marketing. This is a perfect example. TurboTax tells me why this product is for me – not the masses – buy using the word “you”. “You” is a powerful word and is universal in its meaning. When someone says you, there is no confusion – they mean “you”. Considering I am the demo they are targeting, it worked. Many of the topics they talk about are things that happened to me within the last year or the year before that, so of course it struck a chord with me. This is a prime example of talking to the people, not at them. I am being sold even though the word buy or sell is nowhere to be found in the commercial. Rhetoric and style have changed up the marketing game. John C. Reilly is the voice over in this commercial, best known for his comedic acting in “Talladega Nights” and “Step Brothers” – two movies that the younger generation has on it’s top five favorite movie list and their go-to movie quotes. So take a look, tell us what YOU think. Be on the look out for the other mini commercials focusing on individual topics.  Don’t let taxes tax your awesomeness. Also, take a minute to think about everything you do and how incredible you are. We all need that reflection sometimes.