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Ad of the Week: Those Dogs at Subaru

When you think of the typical Subaru driver, you may perhaps associate them with certain qualities: They shop at Whole Foods, wear brands like Patagonia and Teva, enjoy the outdoors (or at least pretend to) and bring their furry, slobbering friends along for rides. Subaru is not only embracing their stereotype, but they’ve taken it to a whole new level with their new ad campaign, Meet the Barkleys. And by whole new level, I actually mean whole new breed. The Barkleys are in fact a family of dogs. Subaru has long been known for its dog-friendly ways. But these dogs are actual dogs (performing human actions, I’ll have you). None of that strange CG-animation with dogs talking. In one of the spots, the family of canines is out for a casual drive* until they suddenly break into a barking onslaught while cruising, which, it turns out, is because they’ve passed a mail truck. Naturally. In another spot, the group of mutts take a break to stop at a gas station, but instead going inside to purchase some “Big Gulps”, they go to the restroom for a nice, refreshing… drink from the toilet. The ad campaign is hardly cutting-edge, but it presents a sort of low-key, good-natured humor that appeals to a wide audience. Really though, who doesn’t want to see a family of Golden Retrievers acting like humans? Seriously, these mutts are more domestic than most of the families I know. Well done, Subaru.