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2014 Marketing Wish List

By January 6, 2014In Other News
With the New Year in full force, we decided to take some time and think about what we want to see more of this year in the Marketing industry. Being a full service-marketing agency we asked some of our people what they hope to see from brands and companies in 2014. 1.) See more Non-Traditional Marketing Marketing in general is such an amazing inspiration for me. You can do anything you want to, and get as creative as your head will take you – there are no limitations. Don’t get into the same old same old “this is what we’ve always done, so this is what we’ll always do” mentality. In 2014, I think this year is the year to take it to the next level, whatever that may be to you and your business. Times have changed, people want to be inspired, feel part of your business, and feel unique that your product is for them. Try something you’ve never tried before. “Outside of the box is where you’re going to find your next sale.” – Mackenzie Newman 2.) See more companies empower their brand through social media On a national scale, Facebook, Twitter and the like are all seen and used as equals to the traditional marketing mediums – but that trend still hasn’t seemed to catch on in the immediate region. With so many cool, unique, effective ways to utilize social media as a marketing tool, the medium is ripe for the taking on a local level. Once one brand goes for it and succeeds, the domino effect with others will ensue. “It’s just a matter of who’s going to be bold and take the leap first.” – Fletcher Farley 3.) See more “minimalism” in design While at first glance, minimalism designs may appear as though they’ve just been slapped together as quickly as possible. They’re usually plain and simple, and most people tend to associate lots of detail with good craftsmanship. However, minimalism usually presents a lot of depth within its simplicity. While the designs may not always be wrought with details, they’re extremely fine and focused details that reveal clarity because unnecessary distractions have been eliminated. These designs often sacrifice an overabundance of details in favor of contrast and balance. Like any design trend, execution is key and minimalism is no different. When pulled off well, it can leave a powerful, lasting impression that goes beyond overwhelming design details. “Something that could look completely crazy in a busy, over-detailed design can be edgy and interesting within the simplicity of a minimal design.” – Alex Knust