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10 Ways to Light the Creative Spark

By January 21, 2014Advertising
In the beginning, there was a blank screen. A piece of paper with no sketches. A brain without an idea. The creative process always begins in the void. Whether you’re a sales strategist, business owner, marketing professional, graphic designer or a copywriter, you start with nothing but a goal. It’s your job to determine the best strategy to go from nowhere to genius – or at least really good. This takes inspiration and a little creative perspiration. So what’s the best way to find inspiration? There is no right answer, and perhaps not even a best answer. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and often, some pretty unlikely places. The following are a few suggestions: 1. Daydream – Get off task. As crazy as it sounds, staying too focused and on-task can seriously limit idea generation. We don’t recommend doing it all day, but a few minutes of getting out of your work head and into the dream space can have big creative payoffs. 2. Listen to Music – Listening or playing music changes things.  Science can probably explain this. We can’t. But we know it works. Turn on your favorite tunes when you’re looking for a little creative kick. Sing along. Keep the beat. And like magic, the ideas will start to flow and you’ll find yourself in a creative rhythm. 3. Visit the Competition – Take a little time to see what the other people in your business are doing and saying and use that competitive energy as a starting point. Comparing may help you get thinking about your business in new ways – and boom – you’re there. 4. Watch TED Talks – Brilliant, funny, inspired people talking about brilliant, funny and inspired things. Enough said. 5. Peruse Pinterest – Admit it. Pinterest is filled with hundreds and maybe millions of amazing things and ideas you never considered. Browse this site for a new perspective and pin down an idea while you’re there. 6. Brainstorm with Good Brainstormers – Remember that no matter what your creative task, you’re not in it alone. Get together with colleagues or friends and blurt out your best thoughts – any thoughts for that matter. You’ll be amazed at the creative energy that builds and stays with you long after the brainstorming is over. 7. Read Relevant Forums – The Internet gives us access to what people are thinking in forums. Find your industry or niche and read what people are saying. This gives you the pulse. Feel it and let it direct you. 8. Leave your comfort zone – If you write, sketch. If you design, use words. If you sell, shop. Put yourself in a headspace that makes you look at things differently and you’ll be shocked at what this different perspective does for your creativity. 9. Homework – Dig into the details of your product or service. Learn about your market. Ask some questions. What makes it different? What makes it special? Who cares? Research new technology and new ideas around what you do to get new creative juice. Then drink it and go. 10. Walk Away – When all else fails, take a break and give your brain some room to play with the ideas. Shift your focus. If you’re patient, a new creative spark will begin to glow and finally explode. It happens. Trust us. So do your homework and brainstorm, leave your comfort zone and put on some music that makes the wheels spin. Or call HenkinSchultz. We’ve been delivering inspired creative services for more than 22 years. We can help you find the spark that will help you fill the blank screen and make your marketing work.