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It’s the Holidays – Your Corporate Culture is Showing.

By December 20, 2013Advertising, Community
In the fast-paced world in which we live and market, sometimes it’s easy to forget that your company is just a group of people doing what they know how to do to reach a common goal. If we’re not careful, these people can be reduced to what they do instead of who they are. Companies that draw the best employees and have a loyal customer base understand the importance of creating a corporate culture that serves not only the company and its customers, but also the employees that show up and share their skills every day. Providing exceptional products and over-the-top service to clients depends on people. Keeping them motivated, happy and fulfilled requires that employers develop a culture that nurtures these things – not in a controlled and manipulative sort of way, but in an authentic way. (Smart people see through the smoke and mirrors). The holiday season is a great time to gauge – and express – your corporate culture. For the last couple of weeks at HenkinSchultz, we’ve been enjoying the 14th Annual Treat Day Countdown to Holiday Extravaganza – A Festival of Food, Friends & Wonderment & Peppermint. That means we’ve taken a few breaks from the marketing madness to enjoy sweets, salties – that should be a word – and good cheer. Amid the smiles and the laughter that spread throughout the Pomp Room during these mini celebrations, you get the sense that the creative people that work here see it as more than a job. Many have been here for more than a decade. There’s a reason for that – and it’s the culture. People want respect, challenges, recognition and to be given a little real responsibility. They want you to understand that they have families, interests and responsibilities on the other side of the front door. And while the holidays offer great opportunities to find a little time to show your employees that you’re glad they’re on your team, a strong corporate culture doesn’t end with the company Christmas party. It’s a part of the fabric of who you are as a business – and shows itself every day. Like the lights on your tree, the company culture is easy to see during the holidays. If you like what you see, keep up the great work. If not, put fostering a great work culture at the top of your goals for 2014. Wishing you wonderment, peppermint and a bright and shiny corporate culture of your own.