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Ad of the Week: ‘Tis the Season for Giving

Christmas is easily the best time of the year. But there are parts of it that can be annoying, particularly traveling – particularly airports. How cool would it be if someone just made your travels a little less annoying? How about putting in a personal request to Santa Clause himself with all your Christmas wishes? Ok, now what if your Christmas wishes came true in less than the time it took for you to land at your destination? Well, it happened. WestJet airlines started this holiday trend last year with a Christmas flash mob complete with snow showering snowmen and peppy singing elves. The video is now up to 800k+ views on Youtube. But the Christmas cheer didn’t stop there. They also donated a flight to a family in need through their community foundation. But this year, they stepped it up quite a bit. Set to the poem of ˜Twas the night before Christmas, WestJet pulled off one of the coolest guerilla marketing promotions in recent news. Prior to boarding the passengers were instructed to scan their boarding pass at the big blue box that looked like a present. After that Santa magically appeared (from a video projector with a Santa in another location) and asks the passengers what they want for Christmas. From Big TVs to socks and underwear, Santa heard everyone’s request. Now, here’s where the really cool part happens. While the planes were in flight, WestJet employees split up into teams to get the items the passengers requested for Christmas presents. Within the amount of time it took the plane to get to its destination, the WestJetters went to shop their faces off, bring the gifts back to the destination, wrap them and finally get them to the carousel to be disbursed to the passengers. After that, I can’t even begin describe how cool it is – you have to see it for yourself.