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Ad of the Week: Intel Inside, Indeed

Intel Inside has started a new logo placement that is certainly bold and different. From now on, when the world’s consensus greatest player, Lionel Messi, or his FC Barcelona teammates pull up their shirts after scoring a goal, soccer fans will see Intel Corp’s emblem under a sponsorship that puts its logo on the inside of the club’s jerseys. Intel agreed to become the official technology partner of the 2011 Champions League winners and current leader of La Liga according to Intel vice president of sponsorships, David Haroldsen. The company’s current advertising slogan of “Look inside” has seemingly never been more appropriate. While soccer is certainly no stranger to ad placement on uniforms, this is a first when it comes to placing a logo on the inside of a team’s jersey. Forbes magazine reported that Intel will pay the club $25 million over five years and that the club also plans to start selling jerseys with the ad on the inside as early as next year. The general idea of placing an ad on the inside of a jersey is definitely a different and innovative thought, but it also comes with somewhat of an unnatural risk as the players must actually lift their jersey in order for anyone to actually see the ad placement. Also, the contract does not require players to display the logo, and players have not been asked to do so. That said, for whatever reason, soccer players have a natural tendency to lift their jerseys and generally act like a four year-old on Christmas morning after scoring a goal. That reason alone is enough for me to believe this campaign will be a success for Intel. Well that and I mean, come on… Messi is wearing it! Intel has actually already seen some early successes with the logo placement in the club’s first game of the deal. What do you think of this ad placement? Will other brands will attempt to use ads on the inside of jerseys?