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Ad of the Week: Less Shopping, More Repairing with Patagonia Worn Wear

With Black Friday at the end of the week, perhaps one of the last comments we would expect to hear from a company is one urging shoppers to keep and repair their old clothes rather than buy new ones. But that is exactly what Patagonia is urging their customers to do during this season of copious deals. As opposed to offering landslide deals this Friday, Patagonia is showing a short film at select retail locations in the United States called Worn Wear” that features customers who have kept their Patagonia duds for quite some time (watch a trailer below). No doubt an interesting approach, especially during a time of year that focuses so much on consumerism. Perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised to see a campaign like this from Patagonia. This is of course, the same brand that made it clear to their customers that their jackets and products in general, are toxic. While they’re certainly never one to conform, the Worn Wear project isn’t completely philanthropic. Patagonia is selling a $30 “Expedition Sewing Kit” for shoppers who would like to repair their old Patagonia clothing. What do you think of this bold approach from Patagonia? Let us know in the comments below.