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Ad of the week: He took a DIIIIIIVE!

Thanksgiving is a special time of year, Turkey, cranberry gelatin or how about that weird yam sweet potato stuff? Oh yeah, and family time. Who doesn’t love family time? Those beautiful awkward moments with Grandma Phyllis reminding you of how back in her day they didn’t have cell phones or use “The Googley.” But we all know Thanksgiving is really all about the competition. Sports get pumped up into full gear and family time becomes rivalry time. We also all know how serious some friends and family are about sports, particularly hockey. Many people go to hockey games just to see if a fight will break out – is there any other reason? (Jokes, sorry hockey fans) With the Thanksgiving spirit in mind, our ad of the week goes to the NHL 2013 showdown. Hockey is not left out in the infamous, continuous rivalry between New York and Boston – well, anything. Not only do you get to experience the awesomeness of some smack talking in Boston and New York accents, but there is also an appearance from New York Rangers alumni Mike Richter and Boston Bruins alumni Cam Neely, who by the end of it, are doing some serious trash talking, which we love. You are in for some great laughs and finding that inner spark to start the smack down and bonding process with some relatives.