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Your Story 2.0

By October 15, 2013Digital
Chances are really good that you’re not the same company that you were when you first built your website. Chances are equally good that the web and its users are different, too. At least that was true at HenkinSchultz. We continue to grow and change, evolving with the times, building a new website, integrating new technology into clients’ marketing mix and employing the skills of knowledgeable strategists to plan and implement digital marketing plans that succeed online. That’s why we wanted to build and launch a new website. This launch is also good time to introduce you to our digital marketing team led by Becka Burger, Director of Digital Marketing. Through the use of the latest technology and a thorough understanding of online marketing, our digital team has expertise and skills to help you manage your online presence in ways that are not only effective, but also cost-effective. Fletcher Farley – Digital Marketing Manager Mackenzie Newman – Digital Marketing Coordinator and Content Strategist Hilairee Mosier – Digital Reputation Specialist Bekah Neu – Digital Reputation Specialist Mike Edgette – Digital Media Strategist Alex Knust – Web Designer Like ours, your business is changing, too. When is the last time you took a good look at your site and your online marketing efforts? Does your website reflect your company and its culture? Does it tell your story? Does it even look like you? Does it invite users to interact or take the next step? Does it engage their interest? Is it easy to navigate? While you’re not looking at your website, prospects are. It’s your job to get them there through the use of strategic online marketing and keep them there with engaging content. If you aren’t doing your job online, you may not be able to continue doing business offline. It’s a fact of life in today’s digital world. There is a bright side. Updating your site doesn’t have to mean a total redesign and you don’t have to do it yourself. Start with a plan – that’s what we did. 1. Make a list of your goals and priorities based on what changes to your online marketing strategy will have the most impact. 2. Consider beefing up your social media strategy to let your personality shine and enable interaction with your customers and prospects 3. Add graphics, video and pictures to add interest. 4. Simplify navigation by removing pages or sections that are no longer relevant to your business. 5. Add new content to keep the site fresh, encourage users to return and improve SEO. With an entire team of digital experts and a big white building full of creative talent, we can help you create and implement a digital marketing plan, help you evaluate your online advertising, create a strong marketing message that works across traditional and new media platforms, update your site or help you tell your story with a whole new website that reflects your business right now. That’s you 2.0 – and it’s a story we’d like to tell.