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Cultivating Creativity and Community It’s What We Do.

This week, we’re celebrating an anniversary – 22 years of providing unparalleled creative services to the area. Looking back, it’s easy to see that a big part of our success comes from creating a corporate culture of service to the community. We love to work with little organizations that have big goals. So often these organizations get by day-to-day on faith. Their small budgets demand that they stretch their promotional funding, coming up with non-traditional ways to tell their story and support their mission. According to partner Joe Henkin, this is some of the most rewarding work we do – and probably some of the most memorable. Formerly known as Handi-Riders, this organization celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2010. They came to us after expanding their services. Their name no longer fit their mission. Our challenge was to help them get back on the horse, with a new name and look that better communicated their brand. The founders of this organization believed that the power of the horse could change human lives, and had watched it happen. It made sense to give them a name that reflected this power. With a western look and feel, we created a logo and a positioning statement – Gaining Independence. Enhancing Personal Well-being and a new brand was ready to bolt out of the chute.
Teddy Bear Den Teddy Bear Den collateral With a big mission to promote healthier pregnancies, healthier babies and healthier families, Teddy Bear Den needed a hand to get the word out about their program and improve their fundraising efforts. With the creative help of HenkinSchultz and its other partners, this small organization has been able to increase its annual donations from $6,000 to more than 12 times that amount over the last seven years.
EmBe EmBe When the local YWCA disaffiliated from the national group to better meet the needs of Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities, it was time to create a new name with a new message. We worked with the organization to identify their brand and help define it with a name, tagline, logo, and color palette. Because of its history of empowering women and their families, the organization is now EmBe – Empower you to Be. Today EmBe continues to positively influence women in the area and we’re proud to have been a part of their successful rebranding effort. Seldom a day goes by in our building in which we are not actively working to support nonprofit organizations as they share their stories. From the Boys and Girls Clubs to Active Generations and everything in between, we help build community. And as we celebrate our 22 year anniversary, we gratefully accept the responsibility of community, and embrace the opportunities that come our way to help Sioux Falls not only grow, but thrive.