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Another Apple Announcement – Should We Be Excited?

By October 25, 2013Digital, Technology
Apple held its iPad-centric event in San Francisco on Tuesday, about six weeks after its Cupertino iPhone event. The event announced a bevy of products, including new iPads, MacBook Pros, Macs, and more. The largest announcement was probably that of the iPad Air. The physical refinements, though not entirely surprising, were still quite impressive. It’s thinner, lighter and mimics the design form of the iPad mini with thinner side bezels and a similar back casing. I won’t get entirely geek on you, but the 64-bit A7 processor, which just launched in the iPhone 5s (along with the M7 motion processor), helps give the device 8x faster overall performance and 72x faster graphics performance, according to Apple CEO, Tim Cook. Apple says the iPad Air will maintain the 10 hours of battery life its predecessor had. Now that’s cookin’ with gas. While it was no surprise that Apple was going to release a new operating software called Mavericks, it was a surprise that it was ready to be downloaded that day and more notably, that the operating software itself would be a free download for OSX users. In the past, Apple has charged anywhere from $20-30 for upgrading to their latest version of operating software. A pleasant surprise, no doubt. As previously mentioned, the Apple announcement on Tuesday introduced new models of iPads, Mac Pros, operating software and more. While all of the enhancements to these products were both impressive and notable, perhaps the most interesting product announcements were those that weren’t made. There was no mention of iOS 7 controllers, despite the functionality being announced at WWDC back in June and iOS 7 being available for over a month now. There was also no mention of the Apple TV (or HDTV, for that matter) or an iWatch in any capacity. At first this may seem surprising or even disappointing, but it shouldn’t be totally unexpected. An announcement of that magnitude would probably garner its own event. Still, it’s difficult to not wonder when these seemingly expected product announcements will actually happen. Don’t get me wrong, Tuesday’s announcements were impressive in and of themselves, but should we be excited about them? Yes or no, it’s been some time since Apple “wowed” us with a product announcement that truly turned the technology world upside down. Until then, we’ll anxiously anticipate their next move.