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Who doesn’t love trick-or-treat humor, cute babies in ridiculous Star Wars Halloween costumes or awesome strategic plans to go to the house with the most candy. Oh yeah, and I guess throw in some cool features of the latest Verizon products and you are good to go for some mini Halloween entertainment. Verizon always pulls out all the stops with their advertising efforts, especially around the holidays. This ad showcases a family going trick-or-treating in star wars getup strategically in route to the house with the best candy, of course, using their new smartphones, tablets, and smartwatch. Could there be a more perfect pair than star wars and new technology? I think not. This commercial has just about every Verizon product out there, from phones to tablets to the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Verizon did an amazing job of highlighting a good portion of their products without over-killing it. The ad also promotes their “trade in” promotion, and¬†who doesn’t love a good deal? In the spirit of Halloween, this ad is impeccably designed to promote Verizon products and create some fun while watching it. This is why advertising is great and entertaining, tying together past and present, creating nostalgia, all while promoting product lines. On an endnote, we truly hope no one gives away floss for Halloween – ¬†weirdos.