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10.17.13 Ad of the Week

By October 17, 2013April 13th, 2023Ad of the Week, Branding, Commercials, Television

About two weeks ago, Samsung began airing a series of television spots introducing their latest release in technology products, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. One of the commercials features a sort of “supercut” spot that combines shots of similar gadgets in use from classic science fiction televisions and movies. From Knight Rider’s Michael Knight speaking to his car, to Captain Kirk using his wrist-based Communicator to make orders, to George Jetson asking his watch for the time; the advertisement does an outstanding job of connecting with several generations of viewers to remind them of how some of their past heroes utilized this same technology years ago and how this Galaxy Gear watch has been A Long Time Coming.

In addition to the excellent collection of nostalgic clips, the ad selected a seemingly perfect soundtrack in LCD Soundsystem’s (a music group that has a large, niche following of its own) gradual building, futuristic-sounding Someone Great. Seemingly every part of the ad, in which some are calling Samsung’s best commercial ever, was masterly selected and utilized in an ultimately effective way, making it our ad of the week. Do you think it’s effective? Is it Samsung’s best commercial ever? Watch the clip below and decide for yourself.