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If These Walls Could Talk…

By September 17, 2013May 17th, 2016In Other News
What would they say? Whether you’ve noticed it or not, your walls are telling stories about your company. Are they cold and stark? Vibrant and chaotic? A collection of mismatched garage sale bargains? Take a look around your office environment and “listen” for the message. If it’s not telling a story that reflects your people, your vision and your marketing story, it may be time for a rewrite. At HenkinSchultz, we look at every possible way to successfully market your business. We can create a hard-hitting ad campaign that sells your stuff, produce a radio commercial that gets people to your event and connect your news with the right press. But we go further, looking beyond traditional media for avenues to communicate your marketing message. We’re especially good at visuals and we see your entire office environment as an extension of your brand. To us, your entrance is a business card and your walls are billboards, just waiting to communicate your story. Use your walls as your own free billboard. The right images have the power to move people and they leave a lasting impression of who you are and what you do. Start with a Vision Think about your business and the people that represent your company. Define the character of your business and the goals you hope to achieve through marketing. This may include a color scheme and thoughts about the images that tell your story. Make a Plan Look at your building and office space. Do the colors on your walls express the personality of your company? Is the art on your wall a representation of who you are and what you do? Do you look the same in person as you do on paper? After taking inventory of your current space, write a statement about who you are and how you might use your space and your walls to tell your story. This might include a list of images that you would like to see on your walls. Consider your staff, the people you have served, the environment in which you work, the history of your organization or the tools of your trade as themes for artwork. Hire Professionals If you’re lucky, you may have someone on your staff that moonlights as a professional interior designer or photographer on the side. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for most businesses or organizations. To ensure you’re spending your money wisely, consult with a professional photographer and interior designer to plan your space. If you like what they have to say, and their vision is aligned with yours, hire them and start using your walls as marketing in disguise. Not only will the newly designed interior leave a lasting impression on clients and visitors, but a well-designed and appealing workspace can also have an impact on your people and attract the right job candidates. Everybody wins. Your walls can talk. The question is, what are they saying about you?