Your customers are watching.

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American Bank & Trust introduced themselves to the Sioux Falls community with a video that debuted during their ribbon cutting. It was a great way to tell their story and let prospective customers know what they are all about. Video is nothing new, but it’s now taking center stage. And there’s a good reason. Video works not just because it allows viewers to see, hear and feel your story, but because screens are in. From pocket-sized to iPads and desktop to television, accessible technology has viewers in front of a screen for an average of 5.5 hours a day (eMarketer)…

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Would you like to Win a FREE Website?

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Enter the Wanna Winna Website Giveaway This year, HenkinSchultz is celebrating its 25th birthday. There will be presents, and not just the kind you find all wrapped up in ribbon. To say thank you, we’re giving away presence. Yours. Online. Free. If you’re a startup getting on your feet, a non-profit serving your community or an existing business looking for a refresh, read on. We understand the importance of online presence. And we know what it takes to build an engaging, user-friendly website that performs – and looks good, too! So we build a lot of them and now we’re...
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Avera Heart Hospital – Spirited to the Core

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Though they work around the clock, the Avera Heart Hospital staff begins each “day” with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. We featured their unique culture in a great TV spot that aired this month. Avera Heart Hospital – Spirited, inside and out. The Avera Heart Hospital staff begins each “day” with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. This practice is at the core of their culture and identity. And it’s the theme of a recent television spot created by HenkinSchultz. As we all celebrate this month of independence, it is not only a great time to reflect…

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As Social Media Tools Evolve, They Also Frustrate. HenkinSchultz Can Navigate.

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As a user, you’ve seen it. One day your information is all in one place, the next day an icon or access has changed, or a function even eliminated. The never-ending evolution of social media platforms can be equally frustrating when it comes to using social media digital advertising tools. Take Facebook for example. As its advertising service has grown, we’ve all at some point grumbled and shaken a fist at the computer. Its 20% Rule has flustered the day of many advertisers, large and small. After rumors that it may be going away, users were surprised to know that...
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One billion and counting

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That’s roughly the number of websites in existence today – but because new pages are born and others die every single minute, and more than three-quarters of all websites are inactive, it’s virtually impossible to get a real count. What’s much easier to imagine is just how important it is to stand out in a screaming sea of personal and product marketers trying to get your attention online. And users? Well, even your grandmother has thrown away her phone book. Today’s consumers have big expectations, and they’re not easy to please. They’re also web savvy, impatient and mobile. There are…

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New Outta’ Sight Website.

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Some days it’s a challenge to be your own client. As HenkinSchultz undertook the process of rebuilding our own website, we went through many of the debates, updates, questions and obstacles our clients go through too. You have a business website because you know you need one. So you have one. You don’t really like it. It has old information. The person in charge of it is either too busy to spend time on it or they no longer work there. The site isn’t really working for you and starting over is daunting and expensive. Or is it? Not all…

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Vision. Execution. Impression.

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If you’ve been around the HenkinSchultz office while we’re planning an event, it’s likely you’ll hear Kirby Schultz remind you of the one thing that will make sure it stands above the rest – People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel. This year, as in years past, our goals for the SDSU Foundation Donor Celebration were to ensure donors were honored, and to leave the nearly 1,000 people in attendance with an uplifted, proud feeling they would never forget. The evening kicked off with a…

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Parents Matter launches 2016 campaign to stop underage drinking in South Dakota

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For the last 10 years, HenkinSchultz has been working with Prairie View Prevention Services and the South Dakota Department of Public Safety to raise awareness about underage drinking and driving with a comprehensive marketing campaign that sends a strong message, <strong>Parents Matter</strong>. This year, the campaign was updated with a new look and more relevant resources for parents, and was launched this month – just as teens begin to celebrate proms and graduation. Based on national data indicating that when parents discuss underage drinking, house parties, drinking and driving, 80 percent of their teens listen and cite their influence as…

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Time Marches On

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Roman times warned “Beware the Ides of March,” referring to the 15th of the month. But at HenkinSchultz we celebrate every day of the month. From our view above the city on 69th and Western, it’s easy to see the season coming to life. And as we continue to highlight 25 years of springing into action for clients, we take a look at what was happening in 1994. The most popular browser in the world was Netscape Navigator Forrest Gump was running, and running away with the Oscars Lisa Marie – not Billy Jean – married Michael Jackson Go For…

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Welcome Emily Sorenson

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We are pleased to announce that Emily Sorenson has joined HenkinSchultz as a digital project manager. Emily loves working side-by-side with clients to create effective campaigns that drive results. South Dakota native, Emily Sorenson grew up in the Midwest and has spent her career in digital media. From teaching multi-media and spending eight years producing and directing commercials to digital project management, she has worked her way across the constant changes on the digital landscape and across the region finally landing – to our delight – at HenkinSchultz.

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